The Sandbox Game Complete 2021 Review

Sandbox NFT Game

Sandbox games have come a long way since their inception. They have morphed to incorporate various genres as video games. However, with the advent of blockchain technology, there are more ways to be involved in these games

These are no longer from the perspective of just playing for pleasure and enjoyment, the virtual reality it presents enables the player to build a virtual estate through the investment in, collection and trading in NFTs. However, we shall look at the game in a holistic manner and how the gamer can play as well as benefit from the NFT-centered sandbox game.

What is A Sandbox Game? 

These are video games like no other mainly due to the liberty that it gives the player. Sandbox games are traditionally versatile in that they are not necessarily linear games. By linear, what is meant is that the progress from one level of the game to the next is not predictable to follow a certain path. These games are structured to create virtual realities in any manner imaginable. This is why the game is enrapturing for most players. 

Please bear in mind that a virtual reality game of sandbox can be the name of a particular game, it could also represent this class of games that a player accesses an open world and could play predetermined games or even create their own virtual reality using the platform.

Sandbox.Game – A Live Virtual Reality World

As we mentioned earlier, sandbox games have come a long way since inception in the 1980s. Let’s now look at the latest versions of these games as exemplified with the NFT-based sandbox game located at This is a virtual reality video game in which the player can invest in, acquire, collect or build virtual estates in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). is a blockchain based sandbox gaming platform in which developers can deploy  various games and have them monetized using the voxel ($VOX), a virtual reality powering coin that has been deployed by a number of NFT supporting platforms. In other words, the player can win voxels in the course of playing the sandbox game. They can also win NFTs that they can sell in the Sandbox marketplace. The voxel can be traded in the secondary market outside the platform’s ecosystem. 

Nevertheless, the main internal token of the Sandbox ecosystem is the $SAND. The player can use this utility token to purchase virtual assets such as land and NFTs in the Sandbox metaverse. Holders of the token can benefit from staking on the platform. They also have voting rights in determining the policy decisions of the Sandbox metaverse.

Constituents of Sandbox Virtual World


In line with the creativity associated with sandbox games, this gaming platform enables users to create and edit arts for games through its VoxEdit component. The platform is also used in animation of the art which can be exported anywhere by the creators. This NFT creating software can be downloaded, then used to create any NFT concept that the developer has in mind before being sold at the marketplace.


The marketplace is where to go if you’re interested in buying NFTs. The Sandbox marketplace features dozens of NFT games that cover several genres. Buyers can sort games based on newest, oldest, lower price, highest price, least amount and highest amount. Prices of NFTs at the marketplace at the time of filing this report range from less than 10 voxels to more than 21,000 voxels.

Collaborating Platforms for Marketplace

Sandbox NFT games can also be bought at several marketplace partnering platforms such as Coinmarketcap. Also in alliance with the marketplace are exchanges such as Binance and Gemini. Games and NFT platforms were not left out in the collaboration, you can also get Sandbox Games NFTs from  Care Bears, Uken Games, Smurfs, Avenged Sevenfolds and ZEPETO. Other gaming platforms which sell NFTs from the Sandbox Game marketplace are the Music Festival Collection, Pirates Collection, The Walking Dead, FTX, Deadmau5, Pranksy NFT Boxes and F1 Delta Time.

The types of NFTs available on the platform are land, entity, art and equipment. There are plans to add wearable NFTs to the collection. You should expect to see themed games also. These include:


These include games such as Ally Fighter, Animated Decoration, Asset Spawner, Avatar, Basic Platform, Bird, Button, Citizen, Door, Enemy Fighter, Farmer, Ground Predator and Ground Prey. Other Behavior themed games on the platform are Healer, Message Broadcaster, Multi, Plant, Question, Replace Asset and Void.


The popularity of slot games has made it available in nearly all gaming platforms. It is not surprising that Sandbox Game features slots such as Head, Torso, Legs and Feet.


As expected the gameplay of sandbox games is such that tiered games are absolutely welcomed by many players. Tier themed games on the platform are so many that we cannot list them all. However, their classification on the platform are Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. There are many others that do not fall into these categories. You can access these under the “None” tab.


Some attribute themed games on the platform are Power, Defence, Magic, Speed and Luck.


Biome themed games on the platform are Heroes, Oracles, Scientists and The Sandbox.


Building, City, Electric, Fantasy, Furniture, Horror, Machine and Medieval are some tag linked games on the platform. Others are Metal, Nature, Pirates, Plant, Retro, Rural, Sci-Fi, Sports, Stone and Wood.

Game Maker

This component of the platform enables game makers to create decentralized apps on the platform without coding skills. The feature enables the developers to create any NFTs that they have conceptualized.

Playing A Sandbox Game 

The concept of the natural sandbox that children play with in outdoor games is replicated in the video game. The game features a gameplay that encourages creativity on the part of the player in the quest to accomplish the game objectives.

On the metaverse, the player has no need to download anything unless they’re creating their own non fungible token (NFT) games. These NFTs are unique assets that are minted on the distributed ledger technology or blockchain. Since they are unique, they cannot be interchanged. The implication is that the player can collect, store and own them as long as they want. They can also sell them in the Sandbox marketplace.

To start playing a sandbox game, the player has to buy “Land” which is the virtual assets on which the gameplay is deployed. Land is also essential if the player wants to build their own virtual metaverse. The players essentially can create adventures or play NFT games that are already developed by other players through permissions that can be granted based on the conditions set by the owner of the game.

Benefits of Using Sandbox Metaverse

Players are able to create as well as monetize their games using the marketplace. The rewards gained have real-world value. The gaming platform employs powerful tools to ensure that the options available in the gameplay are limitless. All created games in the metaverse can be converted to NFT which can be monetized across the virtual land.

Game Features 

Users can enhance their game playing experiences through advanced features such as the adjustment of screen resolution and mode, sound off/on, camera sensitivity control and server prompted updates to ensure that the player accesses the right version of the game.

System Requirements

To play Sandbox games without system hitches requires a 64-bit processor and operating system OS, the Windows 7 Processor or higher is also essential. Then Dual Core 2GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: 512MB VRAM DirectX: Version 11 Storage: 2 GB space should be available.

Popularity of sandbox games are the consequence of the freedom that the players enjoy through the ability to create dapps as well as progressively build a virtual world. Super Mario and Legend of The Zelda. Also, minecraft games with 200 million sold are among the most popular sandbox games.

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Some Setbacks You May Encounter

Some of the hitches you can encounter while playing sandbox games online are game jamming. GM v0.6.2 Hotfixes of the platform have ensured that some of these early bugs are fixed. The platform mostly delivers on its promise of creating a gaming virtual world that benefits players and developers while ensuring that collectible NFTs that actually solve the gaming and collection needs of the gaming community are made available.

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